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Latest news

  • The Acas productivity tool: more widgets and better employment relationsThe UK has a productivity deficit. The UK workforce produces less per hour than Germany, France and UK. In this article, Stewart Gee outlines the Acas productivity tool, which includes the 'seven levers of productivity' to help organisation's understand its strength and weaknesses and identify 'simple and practical steps' to boost staff productivity. In February and March, the tool has been used over 4,300 times, and the most popular areas that customers have focused on are Skilled Line Managers, Well Desig
  • Developing positive employment relations: International experiences of labour management partnershipIn this article, Stewart Johnstone and Adrian Wilkinson talk about their new book - Developing Positive Employment Relations: International Experiences of Labour Management Partnership which demonstrates how, with appropriate support and in certain contexts, partnership models can potentially lubricate employment relations and deliver gains for employers, employees and unions. The books investigates why successful partnerships can and do - develop in some organisational contexts but not others and offer
  • Work organisation and employee involvement in Europe: First findings of the 6th European Working Conditions SurveyThe sixth European Working Conditions Survey (EWCS) presents the diverse picture of Europe at work over time across countries, occupations, gender and age groups. Key findings from the report suggest that there have been positive developments in several areas. For instance, one-third of employees work in a 'high involvement organisation', characterised by a high level of task discretion and a high level of organisational participation. A majority of employees also said that they have some influence in how
  • IPA Training Update - Training staff forum representatives at Saxon WealdDerek Luckhurst, the Training and Development Director at IPA discusses the recent training programme he carried out for for staff forum representatives at Saxon Weald. A key aim of the training was to create a change in the mind-set and approach from the representatives in order that they could become more pro-active. They would also be equipped with the tools and skills needed to increase the value of the forum.
  • News in Brief - April 2016All the latest news from the world of employee relations and industrial relations.