At our next Hub event we will be joined by Catherine Hogan and Eleanor Marsea, who represent Youth Futures Foundation. They’ll be digging into a recent research piece which spotlights some of the barriers and opportunities that employers are presented with in retaining young staff from marginalised background - but not limited to this - (Youth Futures & CIPD, Retaining disadvantaged young people in work, 2022). Sharing findings and recommendations from the research, Eleanor will be supported by Catherine who will speak from her own perspective and lived experience about what supports young people to stay in jobs, whilst myth-busting some of the stereotypes that disadvantage young people in the world of work. Together they’ll be covering some key themes such as: supportive line management, barriers, routes of progression and the benefit of internal networks (and much more).  

Retaining young workers in an organisation can be a challenging task. With changing demographics, younger workers have different needs and expectations from their employers compared to previous generations. As well as having opportunities for growth, development and a positive work environment, what else is on the young workers agenda ?

Booking for this event has now closed.