Are you concerned that your organisation might be disadvantaging minority groups in their recruitment or promotion activities? Do you suspect that your appraisal and talent processes might be undermining the careers of people from particular diversity groups?  

A review of FTSE 100 Diversity & Inclusion strategies (Develop Inclusion, 2022) identified that the most common strategy objective was to improve the fairness of HR processes, including recruitment, appraisal, talent review and promotion. The same research identified that increasing diverse representation and improving the collection of demographic data were also very high on the priority list.

In our Hub event with Rob Barkworth, Director, Develop Inclusion we will be exploring methods organisations can take to identify and remove the barriers and risks in their formal people decision-making processes.  We will focus on three areas:

1.    How to identify adverse impact (a measure of unfairness) in HR processes 

2.  How to review an HR process to identify the common causes of disproportionality

3   Live process observation – some of the typical biases and errors we observe during interviews, talent reviews and promotion conversations.

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