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Author: Patrick Brione

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  • Let’s start talking: rebooting the partnership agenda between government, unions and employers

    There has been much discussion about the wide-ranging reforms to working lives embodied in Labour’s New Deal for working people. Taken with other much needed reforms of the labour market, including skills policy and a serious commitment to return to work strategies, this package of measures will require detailed and collaborative implementation should Labour form the next government. Read more

  • Unlocking the full potential of the UK workforce

    It is critical in these rapidly changing and uncertain times, that by investing in their workforce, businesses can build resilience and adaptability and promote sustainable growth. By doing so, we can unlock the full potential of the UK workforce, driving both economic and social progress. However, this responsibility does not rest solely on the shoulders of organisations. Policymakers must also prioritise strategies that foster a culture of engagement and empower employees to thrive. Read more

  • Introducing Lucy O'Melia - IPA's new head of learning and development

    It’s great to be ‘going public’ and introducing myself after a very exciting first few weeks in post as head of learning and development for the IPA. Read more

  • Exploring the barriers to stagnating engagement: Insights from the Engage for Success 2023 UK engagement survey

    Data from the 2023 EFS engagement survey shows no recovery in levels of engagement following a dramatic drop during COVID19 lockdowns. It is becoming apparent that UK engagement has stagnated. Coupled with 47% of respondents thinking about leaving their current job, the findings are alarming. As organisations struggle to attract and retain talent, paying attention to employee engagement has never been more critical. Read more