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IPA can help you build the case for engagement inside your organisation, with our assembled evidence and a personal speech from our Director Nita Clarke OBE to your senior leadership team.


Author: Patrick Brione

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    IPA's Derek Luckhurst looks at recent evidence around satisfaction at work, and asks what it is that makes us enjoy our work and what are the barriers for those who don't? Looking through the impact of inequality, the rise of self-employment at the recent great resignation, he is clear that employers need to pay more attention to providing satisfaction at work if they want to hold onto their workforce. Read more

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  • Employee relations after the pandemic

    Mike Emmott, former Employee Relations Adviser at CIPD, shares his thoughts on how employment relations has been shaped by the experience of the pandemic. Despite the obvious struggles and pain the pandemic has brought for millions, he observes signs of a more positive long-term impact on employment relations, as the lessons of the past 12 months may lead to more freedom, more influence and more rights for the workforce in future. Read more