As we all know, in order to effectively plan for the future we need to know where we are starting from, and what the barriers to successful implementation of change programmes might be. IPA can provide in-depth qualitative diagnostic reports on employee engagement and employment relations.

Employee engagement and employment relations diagnostics

IPA can provide an in-depth, independent diagnostic of:

  • employment relations in your organisation
  • levels of employee engagement
  • effectiveness of workplace relationships

We employ a combination of interviews with key stakeholders, focus groups with employees and their representatives, surveys and desk research to review internal communications and data.

A full report is provided with recommendations for further action.  The report findings can be operationalized through a facilitated action planning workshop.

".... in depth knowledge and experience of working with the Trades Unions, coupled with an appreciation of the importance of employee engagement, meant that [the IPA consultant] was instantly able to gain the trust of all our stakeholder groups. This in turn led to a deeply insightful diagnostic, a meaningful proposal for change and the subsequent programme of work. The results are brilliant. Our relationship with our major Trade Union body at a national, sector and local level is the best that it has been. We are seeing the emergence of a culture of trust and mutual respect in the work place which, until recently, we could only dream of." Director of Customer Service - a major UK airline.

For more information and to arrange for a confidential teleconference, please contact [email protected]

Engagement surveys

The IPA has designed a set of questions, which focus on different areas of the employees’ experience of their organisation:

  • Recognition and Reward
  • Health, Safety, Wellbeing and Environment
  • Learning, Development and Career Progression
  • Integrity and Ethics
  • Customer Focus
  • The Employee’s Role
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership and Management

These questions are developed and tailored with each client to ensure the language and focus of the questions deliver the information required by the organisation to undertake development activities.

The questions can be mapped to the four enablers of employee engagement developed by IPA director Nita Clarke OBE, with her co-author David MacLeod in Engaging for Success. Results are presented in a full report with recommendations and findings can be the focus of an action planning workshop, facilitated by one of the IPA team of advisers.

"Just wanted to thank you again for your excellent work with us....Your presentation of the staff survey outcomes was thought provoking and honest but also upbeat and I believe individuals were left feeling positive with a clear understanding of areas where we can improve going forwards....Our thanks again, you provided exactly what we were hoping for" Medium sized not-for-profit organisation.

For more information about employee engagement surveys, please contact [email protected]