Corporate Membership of the IPA will provide unlimited access to the following:

The IPA membership network

The IPA has a network of high-level contacts within our member and client organisations. These contacts have a broad range of expertise and experience of workplace issues.  The IPA will facilitate introductions to appropriate contacts from our network for the sharing of experience and good practice.

The Employee Representatives’ Hub

A networking and information hub for employee representatives from any organisation.  The Hub provides regular meetings and events, information and guidance, with the focus on enhancing innovation and growth through releasing the full potential of employee voice in the workplace.

"Thank you all for the insights, the practices you share and the benefit of your thoughts, I appreciate them all immensely"

Specialist advice and support

Specialist advice and support from the IPA’s professional team on workplace issues including effective employee voice, workplace partnership and employee engagement. 

Research and information

Bespoke research projects can be undertaken at reduced costs for member organisations. Topics can include employment relations and partnership in the workplace; employee engagement; voice and participation; inclusion and diversity; management of change, for example.

Policy level meetings

The IPA holds two high level policy meetings and receptions each year, involving the IPA’s own Advisory Council.  Speakers are sought from government, leading academics, policy-makers and employers’ representatives and the trades unions.  All IPA member organisations are encouraged to attend.

Access to government

The opportunity to have a voice on policy-making initiatives and government consultations, through IPA participation in IPA led responses.

Access to the IPA programme of workshops, conferences and briefings

The IPA organises events on issues of topical interest, often in partnership with other leading organisations. Attendance for IPA members is often free or discounted.


Provision of the IPA monthly eBulletin – 10 editions per year to an unlimited number of contacts within your organisation.  Free access to all research reports, case studies and other publications as published.

Discounted rates on consultancy, training and research

20% discounted rates on consultancy, training and research services. 

On joining, a free, half-day input from one of the IPA’s professional team

Use your free half-day for:

  • a diagnostic of employee engagement and employment relations in your organisation and presentation of findings
  • a briefing session for your senior management team
  • an introductory training session for managers and/or employee representatives

Contact [email protected] for more information and to sign up.