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The IPA aims to raise awareness and good practice of employee voice and engagement



Corporate Membership

Corporate membership provides organisations with a range of cost-effective services from IPA's professional team.




The IPA offers a range of training and consultancy services for managers and employee representatives, to improve engagement, productivity and set up effective employee voice structures. Training programmes can also be delivered remotely using WebEx, Microsoft Teams or other platforms.




Download the IPA's research publications, keep up to date with our research or become a research partner.



Making the case for engagement

IPA can help you build the case for engagement inside your organisation, with our assembled evidence and a personal speech from our Director to your senior leadership team or to your assembled managers.


Author: Patrick Brione

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    The impact of COVID-19 on the job markets has affected people of all demographics, but the economic and psychological impacts on young people in particular are often overlooked. Yasmine Modeste, a recent graduate from the University of Kent, offers her perspective as a recent entrant to the job market on how this year has affected people like her. Read more