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The IPA offers a range of training and consultancy services for managers and employee representatives, to improve engagement, productivity and set up effective employee voice structures. Training programmes can also be delivered remotely using WebEx, Microsoft Teams or other platforms.




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Making the case for engagement

IPA can help you build the case for engagement inside your organisation, with our assembled evidence and a personal speech from our Director to your senior leadership team or to your assembled managers.


Author: Patrick Brione

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Latest News

  • Does the IPA have a role Post Covid 19? Reflections from a former Director

    Bryan Stevens, Director of the IPA in the 1990s, sets out his reflections on how the world of work has changed over the two decades since his retirement. He looks at how the IPA's purpose remains relevant today compared with the 1990s, how it may be shaped by the current COVID crisis and what role the IPA can play into the future. Read more

  • Employment and rewards after the pandemic: investment or austerity, compassion or carnage?

    Dr Duncan Brown writes about the revelations of poor employment practices in the Leicester garment industry, which are thought to have contributed to the spread of coronavirus in the city, and what lessons we can learn from this episode. He points to the importance of protections for casual workers and the need to continue to push the Good Work agenda started by Matthew Taylor forwards rather than see a return to the pre-COVID orthodoxy. Read more

  • Confirmation bias and consultation

    Jasmine Gartner discusses the problem that confirmation bias can pose for both managers and reps during workforce consultation, if both sides go into a consultation with preconceived assumptions about the beliefs and intentions of the other side. She points out the importance of ensuring the focus of consultation remains on the strategic narrative and the use of key questions to ask during consultation in order to challenge these biases. Read more

  • Corporate support for Black Lives Matter needs to be more than just lip service

    IPA's Lorraine Modeste examines the response of major UK organisations to the Black Lives Matter movement and the attention it has brought to racial unfairness in the UK and abroad. She makes clear that organisations wanting to demonstrate they are on the right side of these issues need to reflect seriously on their own efforts to improve racial inequalities in recruitment, retention and representation of staff at all levels and, crucially, sustaining these efforts over the long term. Read more