Meeting the Challenge: Employee Engagement in the NHS - Case study Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust

Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust is a large organisation, comprising an acute teaching hospital and city-wide community services, employing over 6,500 staff who provide a range of local services to 220,000 people in Salford, and specialist services to Greater Manchester and beyond. Salford Royal has consistently high levels of employee engagement and it scored highest out of the 142 acute trusts in England in all of the national surveys of the three years to 2014. Read more

Going Digital? Oxfam GB

In this case study, we look at Oxfam GB, who use an intranet called 'Karl', which provides updates on relevant news and changes in the organisation, as well as allowing staff to access key documents and policies. 'Karl' also has a number of interactive features, allowing staff to connect with each other and to share information. Read more

Going Digital? Leeds Teaching Hospitals

In this case study, we look at Leeds Teaching Hospitals and NHS Trust who use an online collaboration and crowdsourcing tool called 'WayFinder' to enable employees to anonymously share ideas and comments on ongoing organisational campaigns. Read more

Going Digital? Lloyds

In this case study, we look at Lloyd's Register, a global engineering, technical and business services organisation, which uses the Future of Work Lab (FoWlab) Jam to allow employee collaborate in developing solutions to identified business issues. The Jam aims to be simple and accessible; the appearance is similar to LinkedIn of Facebook, with a feed featuring all the posts. Read more

Going Digital? London Borough of Lewisham

In this case study, we look at the London Borough of Lewisham, which uses its social media tool called 'We.Create' to 'crowdsource ideas from staff' on redesigning services and reducing costs. Read more

Going Digital? Nampak

In this case study, we look Nampak, which uses Yammer to give colleagues voice to share ideas, and harness innovation with two-way communication tools. This is seen both as being good in itself, and also a key element of organisations success. Read more

Diverse Voices: First Great Western

In this case study, we look look at First Great Western's innovative 'Together We Can Stamp It Out' campaign to tackle workplace discrimination. Read more

Diverse Voices: Northern Gas

In this case study, we look at Northern Gas Networks' innovative approach to employee engagement, where all its employees have the freedom to develop and implement their own solutions to problems faced within the business as well as create opportunities to discuss their ideas. Read more