Why unions help with big change

Sir Brendan Barber, Acas Chair, sets out the compelling case for employers to work together in partnership with trade unions, to help support and guide the workforce through major change programmes and achieve successful outcomes for both management and workforce, to help adapt workplaces to a fast changing world.Read more

News in Brief Spring 2018

A summary of recent employment news.Read more

News in Brief March 2018

A summary of this month's employment news.Read more

Work-life balance supports can improve employee well-being

Professor Stephen Wood outlines new research on how supporting employees work-life balance can enhance their well-being, both through increasing their autonomy and also boosting their sense that managers are supportive, caring and fair.Read more

It’s All About Inclusivity – But What Does It Really Mean?

In this article, Derek Luckhurst tackles some of the key questions around inclusivity at work. Can the language around diversity itself be a barrier to achieving an inclusive workforce? And, in the light of recent gender pay gap revelations, what are the unconscious attitudes and biases that need to be tackled in order to achieve gender pay equity?Read more

Job Crafting – a work phenomenon that management needs to know about!

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. (Confucius)Read more

News in Brief February 2018

A summary of this month's employment news.Read more

Dealing with the Introduction of New Technologies

Are staff and trade union representatives typically sufficiently prepared to engage in high-level, strategic discussions about the connections between the introduction of new workplace technologies and employment relations? Even if they are, are businesses likely to invite them to contribute to the discussions and at what stage in the organisation’s thinking?Read more

Working Well: preview of IPA publication on good work

On 8th February, IPA will be launching our report on Good Work, to coincide with the government's response to the Taylor Review. This publication draws together 16 expert perspectives on what good work means, why it matters and how to bring it about.Read more

News in Brief January 2018

This month's round up of the top stories impacting the workplace.Read more

How are the pressures on the NHS impacting staff?

In this article, Andrew Foster, Chief Executive at Wrightington, Wigan & Leigh NHS Foundation Trust, discusses how pressures on the NHS are impacting staff.Read more

News in Brief November 2017

This month's round up of the top stories impacting the workplace.Read more

Making fair and inclusive workplaces everyone’s business

In this article Neil Carberry of the CBI, discusses the increased importance of public perception for businesses. He identifies increased openness, supporting employee voice and quality management as key to supporting ongoing trust in society for businesses.Read more

Why it's time to ditch 9 to 5

In this article Jermaine Haughton, from the CMI, describes how the evolution of technology, behaviours and culture impacts the way we view our work. New futurology research reveals how organisations that introduce agile working substantially improve productivity, save on costs and find it much easier to recruit.Read more

News in Brief October 2017

This month's round up of the top stories impacting the workplace.Read more

Improving People Management in SMEs to Boost Productivity

In this article Ben Wilmott, Head of Public Policy at CIPD, talks about the UK's continued productivity problems and how the CIPD's People Skills initiative is helping to provide the HR support that SMEs need to improve their people management.Read more

Sexual harassment in the workplace is far from being a new phenomenon

In this article Simon Rice-Birchall, Partner and Head of Equality Law at international law firm Eversheds-Sutherland write about sexual harassment in the workplacRead more

News in Brief September 2017

This month's round up of the top stories impacting the workplace.Read more

Dinosaur in the HR Room

In this article Tina Schneidermann, Chief Operating Officer at Hot Spots Movement, writes about the need for HR practices to catch up with new ways working.Read more

Why is the UK Failing to Promote Women to Senior Management Positions?

In this article Jasmine Gartner, Senior IPA Associate & Derek Luckhurst, IPA Training & Development Director explore the answer to the question: Why is the UK Failing to Promote Women to Senior Management Positions?Read more

Employment Tribunal Fees found to be unlawful

In this article Matt Creagh, employment rights policy officer at the TUC, summaries the Supreme Court ruling on employment tribunal fees following UNISON’s legal challenge.Read more

Listening to the Voice of Agency Workers

In this article Derek Luckhurst, Training and Development director at IPA, summarises some of the key findings from the IPAs recent research report, tune in to temps, which looks how employers and recruiters can support agency workers voice in the workplace.Read more

The Gig Economy: Whatever happened to the 9 to 5?

In this article, Crawford Temple, Chief Executive of PRISM, writes about the rise of the gig economy, self-employment and atypical working. He identifies that lack of clarity, direction and transparency as the three of the major problems that relate to these increasingly common forms of work.Read more