News in Brief March 2019

A summary of this month's employment news. Read more

Are We Really Entering The Age of Insubordination?

IPA's Derek Luckhurst responds to an article positing a rise in workplace insubordination. Has a flattening of workplace hierarchies and turning managers into coaches really led to a growth of dissent? And is this something to be concerned about, or to welcome? Read more

Progressive politicians must not allow workers to be left behind by the future of work

IPA's Head of Policy & Research, Patrick Brione, outlines a vision of a progressive industrial strategy, to address the economic malaise and sense of being 'left behind' that has been identified as one of the prime causes of Brexit. With new technologies, changing workplace organisation and stagnating wages, he argues, there is lots of work to be done. Read more

News in Brief February 2019

A summary of this month's employment news. Read more

The search for meaningfulness at work

In this article Dr Ruth Yeoman discusses the new Oxford Handbook of Meaningful Work and the increased attention being paid to the importance of meaning and purpose in the workplace. She talks about the definition and value of meaningfulness at work and how we can all work to bring it about. Read more