This case study looks at the Self Directed Teams (SDTs) in Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust. The Trust made a commitment to develop SDTs in the vision, mission and values contained in ‘Together We Can – Partnership with Employees’ a partnership agreement signed by the recognised staff side trade unions in 2003.

SDTs are pivotal to the Trust’s vision for empowering front line staff to use their skills and knowledge and have a greater say in how resources are allocated and services are developed to the benefit of patients and other service users.

Forty-three teams have been established since November 2003, covering over 1000 employees, or about a fifth of the workforce. Teams include both professional and ancillary services, covering main sites, residential services and community based employees.

This case study forms part of a project entitled ‘Adaptable Enterprises’. The project includes educational and networking activities on: high performance working, healthy working and performance, the future of work and organisation, and intellectual capital.

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