This case study looks at the staff council set up at Two Saints Housing Association in 2003 to help improve internal communications and enable staff to have a bigger impact on client services. 

Two Saints provides a range of accommodation and support services for homeless people as well as specialist services for young adults, ex-offenders and people with mental health and substance misuse issues. Managing a network of hostels, flats and support services, Two Saints employs around 250 staff, mostly in the provision of front-line support.

The introduction of the information and consultation Regulations in 2004 were an important driver for Two Saints in establishing a staff council. The staff council has begun a process that will ultimately support a culture of engagement and dialogue about the key issues affecting the organisation.

This case study forms part of a project entitled ‘Adaptable Enterprises’. The project includes educational and networking activities on: high performance working, healthy working and performance, the future of work and organisation, and intellectual capital.

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