This case study reviews the establishment and operation of the Reuters European Employee Forum, which was established in September 1996 under Article 13 of the European Works Council Directive.

Reuters, the global information company, is perhaps best known as the world’s largest international multimedia news agency. It employs over 14,700 staff in 92 countries, including 2,300 editorial staff, journalists, photographers and camera operators. Reuters employ approximately 7,000 staff across Europe, including around 3,500 in the UK, where the National Union of Journalists and Amicus-GPMU are recognised for bargaining purposes. 

The Reuters European Employee Forum is a platform for ‘dialogue and promotes the exchange of views and information at a European level’. Issues open for discussion include: the groups economic and financial structure, changes in the structure and organisation of the group, the employment situation, business developments, products and markets, investments, and human resources strategy.

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