This IPA research report examines Community the union and its distinctive approach to organising and representing its members. 

Community's approach is based on the belief that employers and employees have a significant shared interest in the success and sustainability of their organisation. They work in partnership with employers to deliver shared aims, and to secure improvements for their members. 

Community is notable for their focus on training and skills and they offer extensive help to their members who want to maintain their skills in order to compete in jobs market. The union has long been an advocate of community unionism and they build broad based coalitions of support to fight for shared aims. 

The research includes four detailed case studies of employers with which Community works:

- SSI UK - a large steel plant based in Redcar, Teesside- 

- TNT Post - a rapidly growing provider of postal and logistics services 

- Royal Stratchlyde Blindcraft Industries - a supported employment factory

- Serco London Cycle Hire - providers of the 'Boris Bikes'

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