Those who argue in favour of the EU-membership in the UK tend to focus on the importance of access to the single market for jobs, investment and growth, rather than engaging specifically with the role the EU plays in influencing social policy. This publication aims to address this by examining the fundamental role the EU has played in shaping rights at work in the UK.

It examines both the areas of workplace rights which have been most influenced by EU action; the impact of this on working people and the economy; and the alternative options for repatriation. While it does not look in detail at specific regulations or aim to set out the optimal degree of social protection, it investigates the criticisms of, and case for, EU involvement in this area.

Although this publication examines the importance of the EU’s social dimension for the UK, the reasoning behind the publication is important for all EU member states. We hope that this report can add some light to this heated debate.

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