Diverse voices looks at engagement, diversity and inclusion as 'two sides of the same coin.'

Diverse Voices is a pioneering project that examines the links between employee engagement and diversity and inclusion in the workplace. 

While both agendas are increasingly seen as important by employers, few have examined the link between them. Diverse Voices examines these links in detail, and calls on employers to look at engagement and diversity and inclusion as 'two sides of the same coin.'

The project looked in detail at the gaps in terms of engagement between different groups, using the Workplace Employee Relations Study, as well as other large-scale surveys. This analysis identified significant gaps, with men, older employees and those with disabilities being far less engaged. 

We analysed the factors behind these gaps, including looking at flexible working, unconscious bias, and the role of senior leaders and line managers. The report includes evidence-based recommendations for employers looking to better engage with their diverse workforce in order to drive performance. 

Diverse Voices was a joint project led by IPA and astar-fanshawe. We would like to thank the generous sponsors of the project; DHL, Ernst & Young, First Group, Lloyds Bank and First Group.

To download the full, 'Diverse Voices - Engaging employees in an increasingly diverse workforce' report click here.