Key factors for employee engagement

This research from the IPA, commissioned by Association of Colleges examines employee engagement in the Further Education sector in the midst of austerity and organisational change. 

Although the picture of employee engagement in Further Education is mixed, employees in the sector are highly motivated and proud to work in the sector. 

IPA Research found three key factors that colleges need to focus on to have sustainable employee engagement during times of change - leadership and management, communication and employee voice, and the role of values and strategic narrative. 

Firstly, senior leaders need to be open, honest and transparent in sharing information with employees. Secondly, staff need to have a strong employee voice and have influence over processes and involved in change management from an early stage. Finally, Colleges need to have a strong set of organisational values that are clearly defined and well-understood by employees. 

Through more effectively engaging with their dedicated and motivated workforce, colleges will be better able both to face the significant challenges that lay ahead of them. and to further improve outcomes of learners.

The full report, Employee Engagement in Further Education can be downloaded here.