What is happening inside UK workplaces?

Even as signs appear to indicate that the worst of the recession is over, predictions for the labour market suggest that further deterioration is inevitable. Although the loss of jobs dominates the headlines, it is not the only story to be told of the impact of the recession on the workplace.  

The IPA carried out a survey to find out what was happening inside UK workplaces, and how managers and employees were reacting to the recession. Two online surveys were conducted; one for people with management responsibilities, and one for those without. The survey was conducted in house, and over 100 organisations responded, many of which were IPA members and clients. 

The responses of the survey were then collated and analysed to form the basis of this report. The report analyses several areas within the UK workplace affected by the recession, examining redundancy, reducing expenditure, effects on the workforce, security and communication.

The feedback provided by the survey leads this report to a number of interesting conclusions on the recession’s effects on UK employers and employee. The effect the recession is having on employees’ job security and morale is assessed. It is also shown that communication with the workforce is a key factor in getting through the difficult period ahead; enabling organisations to prepare for the upturn through flexibility and engagement.

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