When key employees leave an organisation, it can be a significant loss for the company. Not only do they take their skills and expertise with them, but they also leave behind a knowledge gap that can be difficult to fill. However, with the right strategy in place, it is possible to transfer knowledge and minimise the impact of their departure.

Knowledge Exodus

In partnership with The Knowledge Bank, we have a 5i approach that can help organisations to capture this knowledge in a meaningful way - before it walks out of the door.

The 5i Approach answers the three key questions raised through our research and engagement programme.

1. What is the key knowledge for your organisation?

2. Do you record the knowledge in a meaningful way?

3. How do you transfer knowledge ensuring it is implemented and ingrained?

5i Approach

The 5i Approach focusses on the 5% of key roles who make the difference between success and stagnation. 

  • Investigate - Collection of data
  • Interpret - Highlight the 5%
  • Individualise - Specific individual plans
  • Implement - Agree plan with Executive and individuals
  • Ingrain - Make organisation self sufficient

In partnership with the Knowledge Bank, we have been developing this approach to identify the key 5% and how to implement and ingrain the successful transfer of knowledge.

Get involved 

We are now looking for partners to pilot the 5i Approach in a live environment. You can join us in that journey and be a leading-edge case study. This pilot will be free of charge.

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