As the recovery beds in and gathers pace, the challenges and opportunities facing people managers seem to be changing. Labour market forecasts indicate that as the job market becomes more buoyant, employees will be seeking new opportunities and employers will need to do more to engage and retain workforce talent. The key driver for business remains productivity and awareness of the increasing productivity that arises from a highly engaged workforce ( needs to become more widespread.

A recent ILM survey suggests 37 per cent of workers plan to leave their company in 2015 up from 19 per cent in 2014. Replacing an employee who leaves can cost up to 150 per cent of the departing employee’s salary. Evidence shows that highly engaged organisations have the potential to reduce staff turnover by 87 per cent. And having strong, engaging managers is absolutely crucial to this.


Engagement Coaching for Managers

One of the four key enablers of employee engagement is having engaging managers (Engage for Success, 2014).  Good quality coaching can significantly improve the capability and confidence of managers and enable them to develop self-awareness and their ability to cope with challenging situations.

It is a common view, regularly seen in our work with employers, that managers who receive coaching are themselves more engaged and more productive and in turn are able to facilitate and empower rather than control or restrict their staff; they treat their staff with appreciation and respect and show commitment to developing, increasing and rewarding the capabilities of those they manage.

As part of an employee engagement programme, coaching your managers can deliver important benefits to the organisation.  Evidence from, the Corporate Leadership Council shows that engaged employees are likely to perform 20% better than non-engaged and, according to the CBI ( they have lower average absence rates (2.9 days per year) than their disengaged colleagues (6.19 days per year).


IPA’s Coaching for Engagement Programme

This programme brings together a wealth of expertise and experience in employee engagement and performance coaching. Our qualified coaches have extensive experience in coaching and employee development, gained through both the private and public sector. Our coaching team are experts in fostering sustainable engagement cultures in organisations to deliver increased performance.

The programme is suitable for executives, senior managers and anyone with line management or supervisory responsibilities. It can be designed for a group of managers or for individuals. Executive coaching, for example, concentrates on how the strategic narrative and walking the talk is communicated, not just by established communication channels but by subconscious signalling and behaviours. This offers essential insight into how leaders can bring about cultural shift.

Each coaching programme is developed in partnership with the client organisation and the manager(s) themselves to ensure objectives are identified at the outset and that the training is bespoke to their needs.  Depending on the objectives and the number of managers participating in the programme, this could include:

  • Engagement and Coaching Masterclasses to develop a deep understanding of coaching for engagement and skills development for Managers
  • A comprehensive Coaching Toolkit reference pack
  • Professional one to one coaching for each participating manager
  • Coaching observations with structured feedback for enhanced skills development
  • 360 feedback to support personal and professional development

For further details contact Sarah Dawson, Head of Operations

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