Public sector most attractive to new graduate workers

The civil service has topped the list of most attractive employment opportunities for new graduates, according to The Times' Top 100 Graduate Employers 2019-2020, in which 19,000 graduates were asked "which employer do you think offers the best opportunities for graduates?" They replace PwC as the most attractive destination for graduates for the first time in 15 years, with 1,200 vacancies for the civil service fast stream this year. Martin Birchall, editor of the rankings, explained the outcome as "a combination of the dramatic focus that the continuing Brexit process has put on politics and government; a record number of places available on the prestigious fast stream programme; and a reinvigorated campaign to recruit the broadest possible intake of new graduates."


Uber's London license extended for just 2 months

TfL has granted Uber a temporary 2-month license to continue operating in London, while it waits for the firm to provide additional information and assurances over its practices. This comes after Uber lost its license in 2017 due to failings over background checks for drivers and reporting of criminal offences, followed by a 15-month extension granted by a judge that has now expired. The GMB union representing Uber drivers commented: "A two month licence extension is no good for anyone - it leaves uncertainty for drivers and passengers, meanwhile Uber still operates an unsafe model on the streets of London." Around 45,000 drivers in London work for Uber and could face the loss of work if the company was ultimately to lose its license.


Survey finds gardeners happiest of all workers

A survey of 40,000 service professional workers across the UK by, conducted to mark the International Week of Happiness at Work (23-27 September) has revealed the UK's happiest professions. At the top of the list are landscape gardeners with 86% reporting they loved their job. This is followed by dog walkers, counsellors, wedding photographers and personal trainers. At the bottom of the list were cleaners, 73% of whom said their job made them unhappy, alongside plumbers (68%), accountants (61%) and electricians (60%). Happiness at work levels are reported to have fallen 20% over the last three years, with the unhappiest region of the UK for workers being Greater London.