Unlocking the full potential of the UK workforce

It is critical in these rapidly changing and uncertain times, that by investing in their workforce, businesses can build resilience and adaptability and promote sustainable growth. By doing so, we can unlock the full potential of the UK workforce, driving both economic and social progress. However, this responsibility does not rest solely on the shoulders of organisations. Policymakers must also prioritise strategies that foster a culture of engagement and empower employees to thrive. Read more

There is another way

Mike Clancy, General Secretary of trade union Prospect considers the future for employee relations in the UK Read more

Productivity: still a puzzle with a vital piece missing?

If not a ‘dash for growth budget’, achieving growth was clearly at the forefront of the Chancellor’s mind in the recent Autumn statement with the making of tax breaks for capital investment permanent. But in the absence of a joined up industrial strategy, where should the current, or next, government focus investment to get the most bang for the UK taxpayers buck? Read more

Royal London Colleague Representation Forum Case study

Colleague representation has been a long-standing principle of engagement at Royal London. By 2015 this had evolved into an Employee Representative Forum (ERF) with voluntary Organiser and Coordinator roles, providing external training for new representatives and expanded areas of involvement and influence. Read more

Why Talking about the Menopause is a Must

Twenty years ago, we never talked about the menopause. We euphemistically talked about ‘the change’..... Read more

IES Annual Conference: Presentation Slides

Download a copy of the IES 2023 Annual Conference presentation slides Read more

Gradual, then sudden: why employment has stalled and what the Budget should do

The ‘costs of living crisis’ is becoming a costs of working crisis for some of us..... Read more

Knowledge: Managing the Exodus

When key employees leave an organisation, it can be a significant loss for the company Read more

Staff Forum or Trade Union. Why not both?

There is continuing debate about whether a staff forum can be as effective as a trade union. Read more

Knowledge Exodus

An insightful presentation on a key issue facing many organisations; a knowledge exodus that is happening now but is sometimes not being noticed. Read more