Good practices in partnership companies

The Towards Industrial Partnership project was launched in 1992 with a consultative document which set out seven principles of partnership; three commitments to which all partners should subscribe, and four building blocks on which a partnership is built. 

The IPA carried out a series of case studies to look at good practice in organisations which are pursuing these principles of partnership. This report sets out the evidence gathered on the application of partnership in the workplace, drawing on many organisations which have applied the principles. Particular emphasis has been focussed on the four key building blocks of the partnership principle; security and flexibility, sharing financial success, developing good communications and consultation, and representation and the employee voice. 

From analysing the primary factors on which partnership is built in organisations, conclusions can be drawn as to the key principles within these partnership companies. Therefore, this report finds three characteristics of the partnership approach which feature significantly in organisations that display partnership qualities, these being employment security, sharing financial reward and harmonising terms and conditions, and an employee voice. 

The evidence so far accumulated and set out in this project can be used to show systematically across a range of different business sectors the characteristics of partnership companies. By defining the key values and behaviours associated with partnership this report provides an invaluable guide for companies who are developing the concept.

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