How to promote workplace engagement

IPA in partnership with the Recruitment and Employment Confederation, have published a report looking at how to promote workplace engagement for agency workers in the UK.

Too often in the past regarded as 'second class' members of the workforce, agency workers and their hirers have sometimes missed out on the benefits of highly engaged workforce. As responsibilities for them are divided between agencies and host workplaces, it is often all too easy for them to fall through the cracks and lack a meaningful voice at work. This report highlights why this does not have to be the case.

Through two excellent case studies of good practice, at Tata Steel and Chef Jobs UK, this research highlights that when agency workers are accorded the same respect, dignity, voice and support as regular employees, it can massively boost their engagement and unlock their productivity, dedication and creativity.

This paper includes 10 practical lessons for employment agencies and host workplaces to consider when looking at how to get the very best of out of their agency workers by giving them the very best treatment in turn.

Click here to download the publication: Tune_in_to_Temps.pdf