Over the past decade the UK workforce has already undergone rapid changes and evidence points to an accelerating pace of change in the coming years. Between Brexit, the growth of new workplace technologies and the accompanying rise of atypical working and the 'gig economy' it is clear that traditional assumptions about labour relations are rapidly becoming obsolete. IPA's new report argues persuasively for a new urgency in thinking about how to adapt regulations, trade unions and workplace practices to cope with the workforce of the future.

In this report, we look at the impact that new technology is having on businesses and the potential ways in which this could upend the labour market, with both upside and downside risks. We look at the growth of atypical working practices from remote working, part-time and self-employment and how these find their ultimate expression in the new 'gig economy', alongside all the potential issues this trend causes for workers, unions and managers. We also look at Brexit and consider the myriad potential ways in which attempting to disentangle the UK from the EU labour market could affect workplace relations in Britain.

'Uncetain times' was first published at the Labour Party Conference 2016 as part of an event with Progress, looking at the need for fresh thinking on workplace relations post-Brexit. 

Click here to download the publication:Uncertain_Times_Discussion_Paper .pdf