The focus of this one-to-one or group coaching programme is to develop the skills of  individual trade union representatives and how they, in turn, can support the less experienced representatives they are responsible for.

Sessions can cover:

Individual skills analysis

A strategic analysis will help the senior team to design and implement a programme of continuous learning and development.  There will be an opportunity for each individual participant to reflect on their key strengths and areas for improvement.  They will also review how best to develop the more inexperienced representatives they are responsible for. 

How to ensure a measured and considered response is delivered in all situations

This aspect of the coaching will examine how unconscious bias can sometimes influence the reaction of representatives, particularly in matter of disciplinary and grievance cases. Understanding these influences is a key step towards ensuring representatives are able to better manage their own reactions. This help representatives to develop skills as problem-solvers and to better influence decision-making.

Developing strategic thinking and focusing on progress and resolution of issues

A series of case studies will be explored to develop understanding of the dilemmas that senior and line managers go through when they are tasked with making important decisions. This is central to establishing a mutual understanding between representatives and managers about the decision-making process. Disagreements may still occur but this mutual understanding helps to keep discussions on-track with a genuine focus on progress.

This will also enhance the ability to produce thoroughly thought-through counter proposals based on the same disciplines that representatives expect from senior and line managers. When trade union representatives meet these standards, it helps managers to avoid complacency in their own thinking.

Focusing on ensuring fairness in individual cases

This will build on previous work and will support individuals to identify what constitutes fairness and what is best for the member, in an objective way.

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