Employee networks help organisations to better understand the needs of diverse consumers and colleague groups. Effective networks provide valuable insights to leaders when shaping inclusive plans and policies and are a safe space for colleagues with protected characteristics and allies, to share experiences and provide support.

This workshop provides managers and employees with the knowledge, skills and support to be effective in helping to develop truly inclusive workplaces.

IPA have designed a briefing session for managers who act as 'network sponsor' and support colleagues networks which comprises:

Module 1: The importance of networks

Module 2: Your role – what it is and what it isn’t

Module 3: Outline of the training reps will receive

The training for network representatives includes the following modules:

Module 1: Defining the role of an employee representative and the remit of a Colleague Network

Module 2: Filtering questions and feeding back views

Module 3: Challenging leaders the right way and building a business case

Module 4: Best practice communication

Module 5: Tips for meetings - putting together a set of practical steps forward

For more information and an informal discussion, please contact Sarah Dawson, Head of Operations [email protected]