Based on our research programme and experience of working with organisations of all sizes and sectors, the IPA has developed a suite of transformational interventions with the aim of improving organisational productivity by increasing levels of employee engagement.

Linked to the four key enablers of employee engagement – voice, integrity, engaging managers, strategic narrative - identified in Engaging for Success (2009) co-authored by IPA director, Nita Clarke OBE, the programmes provide support at all levels of the organisation - the leadership team, line managers and frontline staff.

The IPA approach - Diagnostic and Action Planning

All of IPA’s work with clients is specifically tailored to ensure organisational aims are clearly identified and met.  There is no “one size fits all”. 

A thorough diagnostic will establish the starting point for the journey and an action planning workshop with senior managers will set clear and achievable milestones that set the strategic narrative for the organisation.

To reach these milestones, IPA can deliver:

Coaching for Engagement and Transformation 

Support for managers to develop a coaching and mentoring management style to release the full potential of their team.

Employee Voice - How to listen to your people

Training for managers in one of the four key enablers of employee engagement – Employee Voice.


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