Why engagement?

An engaged workforce is adaptable and highly motivated and, evidence shows, able to deliver increased         innovation, improved productivity, higher performance and better services. To achieve this we need a paradigm shift in how we manage our organisations.

What is coaching for engagement?

This programme supports organisations in achieving transformative employee engagement. As well as equipping managers and senior leaders with key skills, it supports the establishment of a workplace culture that brings the  employee engagement to life.

A coaching programme could include:

  • An employee engagement diagnostic which helps organisations better understand their organisational culture, before designing a bespoke coaching programme.
  • One-to-one and team coaching with the leaders in the organisation to develop an understanding of how strategic narrative is communicated, not just by established communication channels, but by subconscious signalling and behaviours.  This offers essential insight into how leaders can bring about cultural shift.
  • One-to-one and team manager coaching sessions with middle and line managers, supporting them to recognise and deliver effective engagement with their people.

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