Stage 2 training for employee representatives builds on the learning from stage 1 and is designed to increase the skills and awareness to enable representatives to contribute more effectively to the decision-making process.

It includes a refresher of the tools and techniques introduced in stage 1, and reviews how these are being or can be used to solve any problems that the employee representatives are encountering.

This programme involves more in-depth case studies and a detailed analysis of unconscious bias and strategic decision-making. The training covers the following six elements:

Refresher of key tools and techniques

  • 5 Key Steps to Employee Engagement
  • Option-based consultation
  • 15 Strategic Questions

 Option-based consultation - case study & activity

  • Exploring how strategic decisions are made
  • Brainstorming, evaluation, risk analysis, understanding the dilemmas of senior managers
  • Assessing the potential impact of each option
  • Change with assistance not resistance

 Using option-based consultation at operational level (working with line managers)

  • Encouraging staff to come up with options and evaluating those options
  • Creating real involvement, breaking down barriers – understanding why line managers do not engage

 Examination of leadership skills and behaviours

  • Understanding dispersed leadership
  • Creating thinking time
  • Consultation from the manager’s perspective
  • Avoiding micro-management and its consequences
  • Group and individual skills analysis

 Understanding unconscious bias and inclusivity

  • A working definition of unconscious bias
  • Unconscious bias and the individual
  • Unconscious bias and the group
  • The return on investment of unconscious bias
  • Counteracting unconscious bias

 Handling difficult questions

  • How to answer challenges from staff
  • How to answer challenges from managers
  • High quality communication and publicity
  • Developing a one-year plan

"Thank you for the 2nd training session.  It’s easy to fall back into old habits and the 2nd stage was useful...we also benefited from being able to put some of our ‘real’ experiences since the last training into some context.  I will also be looking to use the ’15 questions’ and ‘options based’ practices in other areas of work.

I also like your style of training where it ...enhances the camaraderie amongst the  team... your technique has... helped to develop that cohesion and chemistry a lot quicker than might have happened otherwise". Employee Representative, Housing Association 

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