Understanding Inclusion

For organisations to fully benefit from having a diverse workforce, they need a greater understanding of the implications of the diverse world we live in and how the workplace reflects that community. In this half-day workshop, we’ll answer questions such as, 'what’s the difference between diversity and inclusion?', 'What exactly is discrimination?' and 'What part do stereotypes play?' Read more

Workshops for Managers and Trade Union Representatives

Personal relationships between the managers and the trade unions are often good but this does not always translate into effective working when discussions relate to pay, policy and re-structures. This joint approach is designed to improve working between managers and trade union representatives, create efficiency and develop shared commitment, understanding and trust at a strategic level. Read more

Negotiation Skills

The IPA has identified that a serious barrier to positive industrial relations in the UK is the sparse level of knowledge amongst managers about how to work effectively with trade unions. The IPA has developed a training course primarily aimed at managers who are required to negotiate with trade union representatives, via an open and honest dialogue which genuinely seeks consensus and establishes a solid platform for good industrial relations in an organisation. Read more

Solving the Productivity Puzzle

Based on our research programme and experience of working with organisations of all sizes and sectors, the IPA has developed a suite of transformational interventions with the aim of improving organisational productivity by increasing levels of employee engagement. Linked to the four key enablers of employee engagement – voice, integrity, engaging managers, strategic narrative, the programmes provide support at all levels of the organisation. Read more

Preparing your workforce for Brexit

Poor workforce engagement in the climate of uncertainty created by Brexit could lead to lower productivity, higher turnover and absenteeism, compounding the immediate risks and problems of Brexit. This training programme is designed for any organisation that is experiencing these uncertainties but is particularly tailored to those who employ a high proportion of European nationals or where staff fear that their firm might leave the UK or see significant redundancies or job relocations. Read more

Employee engagement

This training programme focuses around how to use the four key enablers of employee engagement - a strong strategic narrative, engaging managers, employee voice and integrity - to move from a purely transactional approach to engagement to a genuinely transformational one. Read more

Voice: How to listen to your employees

This suite of diagnostic tools and training from IPA helps leaders and line managers to understand employee voice within their organisation - how to release, listen and respond to it, while avoiding the pitfalls that can accidentally increase disengagement. Read more

Leadership and manager coaching for engagement

Our programme of one-to-one and team coaching for managers and senior leaders is designed to support organisations in achieving transformative employee engagement. As well as equipping managers and senior leaders with key skills, it establishes a workplace culture that will bring the four enablers of employee engagement to life. Read more