Stage 1 training

The Stage 1 training is the foundational course for employee representatives, designed to move employee forums and works councils away from a focus on basic "tea and toilets" issues towards a meaningful system of strategic consultation in which both employees and managers are fully invested. It will equip representatives to understand a strategic agenda and ask the questions necessary to make organisational decision-making more transparent. Read more

Stage 2 training

The Stage 2 training for representatives builds on the learning from Stage 1 and is designed to increase the skills and awareness to enable those representatives to contribute more effectively to the decision-making process. It includes a refresher of the key tools and techniques and detailed discussions how these are being or can be used to solve problems that the representatives have encountered. Read more

How to negotiate effectively

Where employee representatives are required to negotiate with management, this training from IPA provides guidance on how to approach negotiations based on mutual trust and where honest disagreements can be aired and resolved with confidence. Read more

Workshops for Managers and Trade Union Representatives

Personal relationships between the managers and the trade unions are often good but this does not always translate into effective working when discussions relate to pay, policy and re-structures. This joint approach is designed to improve working between managers and trade union representatives, create efficiency and develop shared commitment, understanding and trust at a strategic level. Read more

Coaching for senior representatives

The focus of this one-to-one or group coaching programme is to develop the skills of the individual trade union representatives and how they, in turn, can support the less experienced representatives they are responsible for. Read more

Advanced training for senior representatives

This training programme is designed for senior trade union representatives. It recognises the challenges facing UK organisations today, and the important role representatives have in supporting employers to meet these challenges whilst mitigating any detrimental impact on employees. Read more