As soon as the Referendum result was known, it was clear that a sense of uncertainty and anxiety would be shared not only by business leaders, but also by employees in workforces across the country. This anxiety has not abated, despite Brexit being 'done'.

It is still important to make sure that employees receive clear communication from their leaders and are made to feel properly involved in any important decisions that will be taken about the future of their organisation.

A failure to properly engage with employees will have serious repercussions leading to lower productivity, higher turnover and absenteeism thus compounding the immediate risks and problems faced by these organisations.

This training programme is designed for any organisation that is experiencing these uncertainties but is particularly tailored to those struggling with staff shortages due to EU staff leaving the UK, or where staff  fear that their firm might itself leave the UK or see significant redundancies or job relocations. The programme focuses heavily on the 4 enablers of employee engagement:

  • Visible, empowering leadership providing a strong strategic narrative about the organisation.
  • Engaging managers who treat their people as individuals and coach and stretch them.
  • There is an informed employee voice throughout the organisation resulting in employees being seen as central to the solution.
  • There is organisational integrity – the values on the wall are reflected in day to day behaviours.                            

and will support managers to achieve the following objectives:

Clear communication

Regardless of specific circumstances, UK workers can remain engaged with their organisation even under the most testing conditions. Uncertain times re-enforce the need for a strong strategic narrative and organisations need to tell staff what their plans are.  This is a time for leaders to show strength in planning, communication and – above all – in thorough, decisive strategic decision-making. The IPA training will increase a senior manager’s confidence to do that.

Communicating the options and challenges facing the organisation

This requires knowledgeable and confident leaders supported by skilled line managers. Without that confidence, the strategic narrative does not translate to operational levels.

Keeping employees informed even when there is nothing new to relay

Keeping everyone in the loop - to ensure there is no opportunity for rumours to develop.

Ensuring the facts are communicated and the myths are dismissed

Maintaining employee confidence in the organisation and avoiding unnecessary loss of talent, by encouraging employees to ask questions and providing clear answers.

Reassuring employees that the organisation will support them

People do not expect reassurance when none can be given. Uncertain times require a higher level of clarity around all communications. It is imperative that mangers “tell it like is”

Providing advice for staff about immigration law, rights for EU citizens and becoming UK citizens

The IPA will work with legal experts to help organisations navigate the potential complexities of Brexit and provide guidance to those in the most potentially vulnerable groups

  • EU nationals and family members who do not have the EU right of residence but are living in the UK anyway.
  • Third country nationals from outside the UK who derive a right of residence through a family member who is a British or other EU citizen.
  • Third country nationals from outside the UK who are family members of British citizens who have benefited from the right of return in EU law



Derek Luckhurst, Training & Development Director:

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